Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"The Soul of a Woman Was Created Below"



  1. I remember thinking when I read this page that nothing needed to be said, that I should just xerox it and print it as is. I liked the way that it was off-center. It seemed to make a visual statement about the content. Then I thought, oh it's like that Led Zeppelin song, perfect. I always liked that song, Dazed and Confused but was totally mystified by that line. At the time, I seemed to use the word "soul" to express the idea that people had a core essence. I think I got this from transcendental writing on art and the romantic beats. I used the soul as a metaphor I guess but didn't believe in a "soul" that was separate from a body that would exist after you are dead or whatever. So when I stumbled on this connection I thought I'd present it as is. The social construction of the female soul, through myth, resurfacing in rock songs as popular narrative--to draw attention to this process--that our popular songs are influenced by ideas that are rooted in patriarchy--was a statement. This is how I was thinking at the time as I remember it today.

  2. That's incredible. It says so much.

    I can't believe people were ever primitive enough to believe that...and that many of them are still ignorant enough to believe things close to it today and justify them based on so-called biblical evidence.