my jigsaw scrapbook

by tobi vail

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Yeah and I remember the day my parents came home from Portland with two New Wave records and Road to Ruin by The Ramones...that was...4th grade. My sister saw them with DOA when she was 8. My dad saw them in a pizza parlor in Seattle and my mom's favorite song is "Bad Brain". And yeah I remember in 9th grade going to see them on the "Too Tough To Die" tour. Does anyone have a copy of Wig Out with Bon's Joey Ramone article? My friend Heidi used to dream about Joey every night and me and my sister taped Rock-n-Roll High School and watched it over + over + over...A Ramones T Shirt for every day of the week...and you know for some reason I stopped listening to them...but this year I realized their new records are incredible! And now that Marky's back...of course Dee Dee may be gone for's kind of tragic.
Top ten of today: I Want You Around/I'm Affected/ Gimmee Gimmee Shock Treatment/I Just Wanna Have Something To Do/I Wanna Live/Danny Says/She Belongs To Me/She's The One/ Ape Man Hop/Outsider/
Does anyone have Joey's address?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!

Rites of Spring

Yeah Yeah what can I say?!! so the best record of all time was made in 1985 by these four guys in Washington DC as part of some kind of major scene phenomenon called Revolution Summer. All I can say is if you haven't heard it then you should check it out because this is exactly it. Exactly everything a record could possibly ever hope to be. they save your life, break your heart and kill the pain all at once. the production is god. it sounds best super loud. Listen to it for hours at a time. And these are the most beautiful, straightforward, heart wrenching lyrics ever to ever be. talk about empathy. From soul to soul. At night in your apartment alone on the floor with your head against the speaker. And it doesn't get old...this has been my favorite record for five years. "And just a dream, just a dream can bring me to my knees." R.O.S.=tRutH.

"The Soul of a Woman Was Created Below"


Jigsaw #2: Letters Section

Jigsaw #2: Letters Section

Dear Tobi,
Thanks for the great fanzine. It was fun to read--especially the note about the band DORIS and Donna's thing about being a woman bassist. It's encouraging for me to see zines done by women--seems like there's a few now, when for the last 15 years that I've been reading about music there was one, if that...I don't know how long BITCH has been around, but that's worth checking out if you've not read it. Anyway, I'm glad you're starting--keep it up, you definitely have a distinctive voice in the world of fanzines.
Best Wishes,
Terri Sutton

Hello Tobi,
Al Larsen sent me a copy of ish#1 of Jigsaw. Wow, cool zine!!! I put out a zine called Vicious Hippies from Panda Hell. Anyway, keep up the good work & please let me know when #2 comes out! Thanks!

Hi Tobi,
You don't know me (I don't think so anyway) but I'm Rockin' Rod of Rockin' Rod and the Strychnines. I got a copy of JIgsaw at the Scrawl show a few weeks ago and I liked it, especially the interview with Shawn Wolfe. His philosophies on the rock-n-roll world hit everything right on the nail. I'm glad you printed the interview section of the BEAT HAPPENING show from last year when they appeared live on your show. I recorded the band's performance but not the interview.
I never got a chance to hear Doris. I'd love to have a copy of a Doris tape. What do you think of Calamity Jane?
As for the Strychnines, I made two solo cassettes under the name, but knew I needed a real band to perform my songs with live. My band was originally going to consist of me on guitar, this girl Mary on bass and Ian Dickson on the drums. But Mary got a job and quit before we could even have our first practice. Kurt Flansburg of Dangermouse wasn't doing anything so he decided to fill the ranks. We're wondering if you are going to write about us in your fanzine.
Waiting for issue Two,
Rockin' Rod

Tobi, Hi there. Me and Matt S. were just wondering about you the other day. We're both at our homes in New Jersey for X-mas. I got a letter from Calvin that said the Go Team was no more, and I wondered if you were still living in Olympia. What are you doing? School is going alright, but I don't now if I will stay for long. I'm in a band with my friend Zoe, who's from Brooklyn. We're called PRUNELLA. We might get a bass player but our sound is loud and nasty how we like it so we might stay a duo.
And hey Tobi, I saw LUNACHICKS in Boston and then in New York and EGAD!!! They're good. All-girl band doing it right! The singer Theo is Zoe's sister and I told her about Jigsaw and you should interview them...she said that would be cool.
Zoe and I are hoping to go on tour...maybe this summer if Zoe's grandma gives her a car...It's a little car though and Zoe's got big hair.
See you some time,
Beth F.

note: i'm tired of typing I will finish this in a little while...